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F-500 EA ”TKO” Nozzles

Model: F-500 EA ”TKO” Nozzles

HCT’s new Turbo Knockdown and Overhaul (TKO) Nozzles are designed with a reservoir to carry concentrated F-500 Encapsulator Agent (EA) for rapid deployment on small Class A or B fires, or fuel spills.

Product Details:

The F-500 EA “TKO” Nozzles are excellent for:
• Firefi ghters for small, incipient fi res and overhauls
• Power plant - Coal fi res and wash down
• Small wood and paper fi res
• Foundries, metal fabricators and steel plants
Multiple Proportioning
(75 liter model shown)
The TKO Nozzle
F-500 EA “TKO” Nozzle - Accessories
F5-TKO-BT F-500 EA - 2-liter Bottle with F-500 EA Label and Lid
ADP-1.5NHTx1.0NHT Adapter 1.5” NST/NHT x 1.0” (National Hose Thread)
DP-CP Compact Plastic Drum or Pail Hand Pump
• Industrial Fire Brigades
• Car fires and fuel spills
• Maritime Applications
• Confined Spaces




  The addition of F-500 EA gives fire fighters the advantage of faster knockdown as the F-500 EA rapidly
cools the fuel and surrounding structures and encapsulates the fuel, rendering
it nonfl ammable and nonignitable. Compared to a fi re extinguisher, the
knockdown capability of the TKO Nozzle is tremendous due to the higher volume
of output.

The TKO Nozzles are the convenient solution to intermediate sized fi res. Deployment,
with F-500 EA is instant, saving precious time. There’s no need to
batch mix agent in the pumper or set up an eductor. A powerful fi refi ghting
tool using F-500 EA is ready to use after attaching the hose to any stand pipe
or wall box, such as in a hotel, offi ce building or factory. Need more F-500
EA? Simply unscrew the bottle and replace it in seconds, even while wearing
gloves. After the fi re, there’s no wasted fi re suppression agent in 200 feet (60
m) of hose, because the F-500 EA came from the nozzle, not an eductor.

F-500 EA “TKO” Nozzles
Model NOZ-TKO-F5-075L Model NOZ-TKO-F5-130L
Flow Rate 75 liters/min. (20 gpm) 130 liters/min. (35 gpm)
Streaming Reach 8 m at 6 bar (26 feet at 87 psi) 12 m at 6 bar (39 feet at 87 psi)
Fog Pattern Reach 4 m at 6 bar (13 feet at 87 psi) 4 m at 6 bar (13 feet at 87 psi)
F-500 EA Capacity 2 liters (0.52 gallons) 2 liters (0.52 gallons)
Proportioning with F-500 EA* 0%, 0.5%, 1%, 3% 0%, 0.1%, 1%
Coupling** 1 1/2” NH-NST fi tting 1 1/2” NH-NST fi tting
Dimensions - l/w/h
238 x 120 x 400 mm
(9 3/8”/4 3/4”/15 3/4”)
238 x 120 x 400 mm
(9 3/8”/4 3/4”/15 3/4”)
Weight (empty) 2 kg (4.5 lbs.) 2 kg (4.5 lbs.)
* Water continues to fl ow after F-500 EA is used up
** Available with Storz coupling


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