Combi Tool GCT 5111

Model: Combi Tool GCT 5111 Compact & lightweight • Easy to carry, handle, transport and store • Ideal for use in confined spaces



Product Details:

Optimal performance to weight ratio
• Extremely high spreading force compared to size and weight
• High cutting force compared to size and weight

Powered by lithium-ion battery technology
• High battery capacity for long operation time
• Low self-discharge rate for long battery life
• No memory effect
• No power consumption when idle
• LED indicator shows battery capacity during use; when tool is switched off or when battery is not on tool, press button on battery to check state of charge level
• Battery 100% rechargeable in 60 minutes
• Easy click-on / click-off system on top to change battery with one hand, within seconds
• Suitable for air transportation
• Suitable for use at high altitudes

• No fumes from a pump: healthier for rescuers and victims
• Ideal for use in confined and/or underground spaces like tunnels, busses, trains and collapsed buildings
• Environmentally friendly

Lowest sound level
• Less stressful for victims
• Easier communication between rescuers and victims
• Equipment produces no sound when idle

Ergonomic and user-friendly
• Well-balanced
• Control handle always within reach on back of tools, so you can rotate them freely while your hand stays in the same position
• Battery on top of tools: Easy to change, even in narrow spaces

All weather proof
• Suitable for use at below zero temperatures, up to -20°C
• Suitable for use in wet weather conditions

• One tool for cutting, spreading and squeezing
• Suitable for a variety of operations, from rapid intervention in vehicle rescue to USAR
• You can gain access to a modern vehicle with just one tool (tested on a 2014 model Opel Insignia, avoiding the pillars)

Article number150.052.036 
Basic specifications
ModelGCT 5111 (excl. battery) 
Max. working pressure720 / 72 (bar/Mpa)10443 psi
Spreading distance281 mm11.1 in
Max. cutting opening196 mm7.7 in
Max. spreading force456.5 / 46.6 (kN/t)102625 lbf
Max. cutting force C0206 / 21 (kN/t)46311 lbf
Max. squeezing force44 / 4.5 (kN/t)9892 lbf
Max. spreading force (NFPA 1936, HSF)52.3 / 5.3 (kN/t)11758 lbf
Min. spreading force (NFPA 1936, LSF)39.8 / 4.1 (kN/t)8951 lbf
General specifications
Operator typebattery 
Dimensions, weight and temperature
Weight, ready for use13.7 kg30.2 lb
Dimensions (LxWxH)677 x 295 x 204 mm26.7 x 11.6 x 8 in
NFPA 1936 classificationA5/B5/C5/D6/E4