Cross Ram Support Set XRS01

Cross Ram Support Set for cross ramming, a technique to create space when parts of the vehicle are deformed and obstruct a safe patient extrication. With the help of a ram the car construction is pushed back into its original shape. The set of two supports helps you to distribute the force of the ram over a larger area and prevents it from pushing through the car construction.



Item Description
  • Designed for even distribution of the ram force
  • The Cross Ram Supports spread the load on the material surface, caused by the ram, over a larger area
  • This prevents the ram from pushing through car (interior) parts, such as door cards, seat fabric, roof panels and B-pillars
  • Grip teeth on both sides of the Cross Ram Supports
  • To provide maximum grip on car interior surfaces
  • To provide optimum stability and grip during cross ramming
  • Clear labels with safety warnings and instructions for correct use of the Cross Ram Supports
  • To help you work safer and easier
  • Clear zinc plated steel surface
  • Durable and corrosion resistant
  • Good visibility on dark dashboard surfaces and during rescue operations at night