GSP 5240

Model: GSP 5240 Greenline battery-powered spreader for spreading, squeezing and pulling with one tool. • Carrying handle with integrated lighting (6 LEDs)



Product Details:

Article number150.052.047 
Basic specifications
ModelGSP 5240 (excl. battery) 
Max. working pressure720 / 72 (bar/Mpa)10443 psi
Min. spreading force (EN 13204)41 / 4.2 (kN/t)9217 lbf
Max. spreading force280 / 28.6 (kN/t)62947 lbf
Max. pulling force47 / 4.8 (kN/t) 
Spreading distance725 mm28.5 in
Max. squeezing force59 / 6 (kN/t)13264 lbf
Max. pulling force (NFPA 1936, HPF)47 / 4.8 (kN/t)10566 lbf
Max. spreading force (NFPA 1936, HSF)70 / 7.1 (kN/t)15737 lbf
Min. pulling force (NFPA 1936, LPF)25 / 2.5 (kN/t)5620 lbf
Min. spreading force (NFPA 1936, LSF)38 / 3.9 (kN/t)8543 lbf
General specifications
Operator typebattery 
Dimensions, weight and temperature
Dimensions (AxBxC)953 x 295 x 218 mm 
Dimensions (AxBxC)37.5 x 11.6 x 8.6 in 
Weight, ready for use20.7 kg45.6 lb
NFPA 1936Yes

Effective profile on the spreading tips
• Perfect grip in every situation

Ergonomic carrying handle
• New design increases operator comfort in various working positions

New LED lighting in the carrying handle
• No less than six LED lights with a higher light output
• Rescuers can start their job right away, both during the day and at night, without working in their own shadow

Advanced battery technology
• Lithium-ion technology combines a long battery life with high capacity for maximum operational use

• Optimum freedom of movement

• Healthier for rescuers and victims
• Ideal for use in confined and/or underground spaces

Suitable for use in all weather conditions
• Also in the case of (extreme) precipitation and temperatures down to -20°C/-4°F

Battery on top of tool
• The battery has been positioned on the tool in such a way that exchanging it is quick and easy, even in confined spaces.