Pentheon Series Battery Tools from Holmatro

11/10/2020 News

Unparalleled speed, ultimate control and battery management made easy: Holmatro launches a new series of high-tech cordless rescue tools, designed to outperform all other tools on the market, regardless of whether these are battery-powered or connected to an external pump by means of a hose.

Unparalleled Speed

The Pentheon Series offers a much higher speed than other rescue equipment. This is thanks to a new and patented mechatronic system inside these tools. This system continuously optimizes the motor and pump settings to deliver a maximized oil flow over the full pressure range. Where all other rescue tools show a significant decrease in speed when switching to another stage to deal with higher loads, Holmatro Pentheon tools stick to the ideal stepless speed curve.

Ultimate Control  

Being much faster than previous generations of rescue tools Pentheon tools are equipped with a two-mode control handle for ultimate speed control. This enables rescuers, at any time during the rescue operation, to choose between the tools’ high-speed and low-speed modes. Within these modes, the speed is still proportional to how far you turn the control handle to its left or right. 

The control handle of the much faster Holmatro Pentheon tools has a high-speed and a low-speed mode, with the speed still being proportional to how far you turn the control handle to its left or right. This offers rescuers ultimate speed control.

Battery Management Made Easy

With Holmatro Pentheon tools battery management is as easy as just plugging it in. Thanks to On-Tool Charging you can charge the battery while it remains on the tool. This means you don’t need to swap batteries all the time. Simply connect the tool to the charger and the whole charging process will regulate itself. The battery on the tool always has priority over the one on the charger, which will resume charging when the battery on the tool is 100% full. Three chargers can be connected in series to be powered from a single outlet. This allows you to charge a total of 6 batteries without any management, whether placed on a charger or on a tool connected to it. 

With Holmatro’s On-Tool Charging option you can charge a total of 6 batteries, whether placed on a charger or on a tool connected to it, without any management. The battery on the tool always charges first. 

Available Pentheon Tool Models

The Pentheon Series consists of the following rescue tool models: Inclined Cutter PCU50, Spreader PSP40, Telescopic Ram PTR50andCombi Tool PCT50.

New Extreme Grip Spreader Tips

The tips on the spreader have pointed teeth on both sides that bite into the material. The middle row of teeth is taller and offers instant grip. The teeth on the outside alternately point in the opposite direction, which allows for a superior grip over the full spreading range. Finally, an interlocking profile results in reduced insertion dimensions.

Extreme Grip Spreader Tips: new tip design offers superior grip over the full spreading range.

Smart Ram Extension

Another user-friendly feature of the Pentheon Series is the Smart Extension of the telescopic ram. As soon as you connect the optional extension pipe, the ram will automatically adapt its force to the new maximum length of 1804 mm / 71 inches that can be achieved. Thanks to this solution Holmatro can offer you one compact ram for all applications, including cross ramming over a large distance.

Automatic force to length adaption with Holmatro’s Smart Ram Extension. Now you need only compact ram and one extension pipe for all applications, including cross ramming from one side of the car to the other.

More Features & Benefits

There are many more unique features & benefits of Pentheon rescue tools, such as temperature management technology (which allows you to keep working in extremely hot conditions) and underwater use. Check them all out!

Rated for underwater use !