Meridian Strobe


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The Meridian LED emergency strobe and locator light is visible for over a mile. The body is designed to be low-profile and adaptable to a wide range of uses: easy attachment to PFD, SCUBA tank or any 1 webbing is possible. The toggle switch allows for operation of red and white strobing modes. Built to withstand the rigors of diving, the light is waterproof to the IPX8 standard. Waterproof Level 3: The highest of Princeton Tecs ratings, Level 3 is assigned to lights that offer a degree of water protection equivalent to IPX8 in the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards. Lights rated at Level 3 provide waterproof integrity for continual submersion in water at depths down to 100 meters.

Power:100 Lumens
Lamp:1 White Maxbright LED, 1 Red Maxbright LED
Batteries:3 AAA Alkaline
Burn Time:100 hrs.
Weight:101 g.