SL3 eLed Dive Light


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The SL3 eLED is UK’s latest high performance LED dive light designed with a divers tight budget in mind. The exclusive CPO opticsguarantees a tight beam withminimum spill light and the Thermal Recovery System recycles wasted heat from the LED back into the battery for increased brightness and burn time. A non-corroding resin case, double o-ring seals, 500 foot depth rating and a rear stainless steel attachment loop as well as 98 lumens output and30 hours run time all make the SL3 worthy of clear water diving or as an essential technical diving back-up-light. TwistOn/Off bezel sealed with 2 o-rings. Beam produces a bright spot with almost noperipherallight, reducing backskatter. Stainless steel pressure relief valve releases excess pressure due to battery malfunction or flooding. Stainless steel loop clips to BC accessory snap clips.

Made in USA.

20892202SL3 eLED Dive Light
Weight:11.8 oz.
Dimensions:7.5″ x 1.9″