The Fire Falcon

Model: The Fire Falcon The Fire Falcon is a multi-purpose demolition tool designed to serve Fire/Rescue, Law Enforcement Tactical Units, Military and Private Industry.



Product Details:

Features of the Fire Falcon

  • Custom sizing to fit the end user, any lengths
  • Revolutionary, user-controlled, self cleaning, expandable tool head design
    • Small entry
    • Larger exit by expandable head
    • Pulls more material
  • Portable anchor attachments on each end to assist with large area search or bailout
    • (Pending NFPA 1983 Certification as a bailout attachment)
  • Prying end for debris removal or entry
  • Striking end for gaining access
  • Ergonomically designed handle for gripping
  • Carrying strap connection points
  • Non-conductive pulltruded fiberglass handle for safety and strength
  • Field-replaceable parts