The task of compartment organization can be complicated. Poly-Tech America’s line of products has been designed to make the task easy. We design, manufacture, and market equipment-specific mounting products for first responders to respond more efficiently. We care about the future of this industry, and we continue to evolve with the times.

Poly-Tech America’s duty is to produce innovative tool-specific mounting solutions and organizing products to utilize every square inch of the compartment space. All of Poly-Tech America’s components are manufactured from rugged, durable, chemical-resistant, military-grade poly material.

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Our latest Tilt N’ Deploy ™ extrication tool mounts have been designed with firefighters in mind. No more lifting these heavy tools out vertically! Each mount is specifically designed for your combi tools.

Just press the button, grab your tool, tilt, and go! This allows for the most efficient and fastest deployment of your tool, all without hurting your back.

Not only do these mounts avoid possible straining to your back, but they also avoid damage to your tool.


Item Description


  • Auto- lock once tool is set back into place
  • Heavy duty design
  • Quick and easy deployment of tool
  • NOT a universal mount. This will ensure the best fit for your tool
  • Won’t rust


Item Description

Product Dimensions

10″ L x 6″ W x 8″ H

254mm L x 152.4mm W x 203.2mm H


Product Part Number: Hol-PCT60-TM

When installed, this mount adds between 2″-3″ to the overall height of the tool

Additional information

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MOUNT ONLY, w/mounting hardware