SAFE Firefighter Package – Low Angle Operations


Equipment set-up used by instructors in SC for Low Angle Rope Operations. By minimizing the complexity and number of components needed for a low angle environment, companies are more apt to train and remain familiar with the equipment and systems.

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Kit Includes
21/2″ ACCESS NFPA Rescue Rope (1 red, 1 blue)
3Anchor Sling w/ “D” Ring (One each of 6′, 8′, 10′)
8RD70 NFPA Rescue Carabiner, Twistlock
4Sewn Prusik (2 x 20″, 2 x 30″
1Rescue 8
22.5″ Rescue Pulley
28mm Cord x 5 ft.
2Sling-Link MAST Rescue Sling
1Dogbone Rigging Sling
261″ Heavy Duty Flat Webbing (12 x 5′, 6 x 12′, 5 x 15′, 3 x 20′)

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100', 200'